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We are The Prado Wedding Lighting Specialists.  Our Lighting designs include Uplights, Gobo Monogram Market Lights, Dance Lights and Twinkle Lights.  Lighting the Grand Ballroom, Loggia, and Alhambra Rooms for Weddings and Events is the bulk of our work at this venue. Our Lighting Technicians also hang Market Lights from the second story railings in the Courtyard. They place Wireless Uplights on the Foliage in the Courtyard garden. 

The Prado Wedding Lighting Specialists UplightsThe Market Lights create a soft glow and go great with the organic, classic beauty of the Courtyard Garden. The Wishing Well Ceremony site shines beautifully with Wireless Uplights, String Lights and Twinkle Lights. The String Lights do provide much needed Light for the Outdoor space and create a romantic feel and vibe. 

The Prado Wedding Lighting-Specialists Market Lights ReceptionWe the Prado Wedding Lighting Specialists, love Lighting up The Prado in Balboa Park. There are not many venues in San Diego that have the whimsical look and feel of The Prado. The architectural features, and beautiful gardens of this famous venue are so conducive to Wedding and Event Lighting. This beautiful venue is so full of old world charm and architectural history.

The Prado Wedding Lighting-Specialists Gobo Monogram

Another Lighting element that shines beautifully at The Prado is the Gobo Monogram. The Grand Ballroom has a couple of perfect spots where a Gobo can be placed. It is usually placed on the Dancefloor which works great for the first dance. It’s so romantic for the newly married couple to have their first dance in lights that have their initials, names, or an image that is near and dear to them.

Another excellent spot for a Custom Gobo is on the stage curtain. The stage curtain is a large canvas for that beautiful Gobo to shine. The Gobo will definitely be a focal point and will be loud and bold if it’s placed on the stage curtain. I’ve attached a picture to give you an idea of how bold and beautiful it looks.

I want to give a thank you to our wonderful photographers for the images used in this post.  Emilio Azevedo Photography  Paul Barnett Photography  Orange Turtle Photography  And a big Thank You! to The Prado at Balboa Park

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