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Our team at San Diego Events Lighting Company loves to illuminate  Paradise Point San Diego with our wedding lighting and corporate event lighting rentals and services. We are very knowledgeable and familiar with the different areas of this beautiful venue and consider ourselves to be the Paradise Point San Diego wedding lighting professionals. We provide all the different lighting elements to light up small to large parties and events. The types of lights we offer are Market Lights also known as Bistro Lights, Uplights, Custom Gobo, Cake Pinspots, Dancefloor Lights, Twinkle Lights. Any and all types of lights to beautify and make your wedding ceremony, reception or corporate event or party beautiful with lighting.Paradise Point San Diego Wedding Lighting Market Lights for Reception

 Our Market Lights soften and beautify the the outdoor areas such as the patios overlooking the beautiful San Diego Bay or the large outdoor spaces that are used for outdoor wedding receptions. Our Market Lights / Bistro Lights also bring a romantic wistful energy to a wedding reception. They provide lighting allowing the guests of weddings or corporate events to see and experience every meaningful moment. We the Paradise Point San Diego Wedding Lighting professionals take every wedding and event to heart since we understand that weddings are one of the most important and meaningful day’s of a person’s life. The Lighting needs to be placed perfectly and no detail can be missed no matter how small.Paradise Point San Diego Wedding Lighting Market Lights over Dancefloor

The Wireless Uplights and LED Uplights in our Wedding Lighting packages  provide washes of color when placed on walls or architectural features. We like to use colors that will match or compliment the colors that are in our client’s wedding or event themes. The colors that our uplights put out are vibrant and we can create just about any color that’s out there. Our Uplights will beautifully transform the different ballrooms at Paradise Point San Diego and create a party like or romantic ambiance for the full duration of a party or wedding reception.Paradise Point San Diego Wedding Lighting LED Uplights and Wireless Uplights

A special Thank You!! To the amazing photographers that allowed us to use these photos. Melissa McClure  Photography and ABM Wedding Photography . Lastly a warm thank you to Paradise Point San Diego and their awesome team! Thank you for always making San Diego Events Lighting Company feel so welcome.

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