LED Uplights / Wireless Uplights

LED Uplights are considered to be the solid foundation for any quality lighting design. The LED Uplight is the one lighting element that has the ability to transform a space, and give you the look and feel that will fit perfectly with your event theme. Uplights put a wash of color on walls, architectural features, such as columns, and building facades. The LED Uplight can be programmed to be any color and will compliment the other elements in your overall event design; such as linens, and florals. We at San Diego Events Lighting use only high powered, high quality LED Uplights.


Wireless LED Uplights are highly recommended if your venue has minimal power or no power at all. Our Wireless Uplights are Battery Powered and can be controlled remotely without power chords, or cables. A perfect application for Wireless Uplights is for uplighting columns that have no power outlets. Give us a call, and let’s get started on a lighting design that will be simply amazing and the talk of your guests for years to come.


LED Uplights not only have the ability to transform a space, but can also affect the overall mood and feel of your event. It’s important that the colors you select not only fit within the theme of your wedding, but will also be conducive to the feel and vibe you’re looking for. If you want elegant, and warm you might want to go with the warmer colors such as Amber. If want your event to have a “lets party and celebrate vibe” then you may want to go with the Hot Pinks, or Electric Purples. Our lighting designers are highly trained, and will guide you in selecting the lighting colors, and lighting designs that will fit within your vision and budget.