Custom Gobo / Gobo Patterns

We offer Custom Gobos, and Standard Gobos with foliage or abstract patterns

A Custom Gobo is a Lighting element that adds “that” personal touch to your event. Whether the Gobo is the company logo for your corporate party, or the Monogram of your wedding theme, the Custom Gobo adds that special something that will make your event unique. Many of our client’s have asked “what is a Gobo?” A Gobo is a steel, or glass disc that is inserted into a slot in a Gobo lighting fixture. The Lighting fixture then projects the Gobo image on a wall or dance floor. San Diego Events Lighting has talented Gobo designers that can design one of a kind custom Gobos for your event. All we need is the artwork from you in jpeg, Illustrator, or pdf format. We also have a Gobo template that we share with our clients. On the day of your event we will send a factory trained lighting technician that will place the Gobo image exactly where you envisioned it. It’s important to us that the Gobo shine clearly and beautifully for your special day.


Patterned Gobos put a pattern of light on a dance floor or walls. The patterns can be of foliage, architectural designs, or abstract designs. The Patterned Gobo also adds a beautiful and fun dimension to dance floors. Contact us and let’s get started on your Gobo design!

Gobo Patterns Stars and Flowers