Gobo Monogram, Wedding Gobo, The Prado at Balboa Park

When designing the gobo monogram, wedding gobo, it can be the initials of the couple’s names or a monogram identical to the wedding invitations. The wedding gobo can also be the couple’s names, last name initial and marriage date. Gobo’s can be a special symbol or artwork that’s a part of the couple’s journey together. A wedding gobo is a romantic element that puts in lights a symbolism of the couple’s journey together. Putting it simply, a wedding gobo is a customized logo in lights, that symbolizes something special about the couple.

The Prado , Balboa Park, Gobo Monogram On Dance Floor

At The Prado at Balbo Park we usually shine the gobo monogram, wedding gobo on the dance floor, or the stage curtain. The dance floor is a perfect spot to place a gobo. The dance space is bold and placing a gobo light on the dance floor will create a romantic area for the first dance. The light of the gobo will also attract guests to the dance floor. They will enjoy dancing in the light created by the wedding gobo. Another area where a wedding gobo looks great is on the The Prado, Grand Ballroom curtain. A custom gobo placed on the curtain will be front and center to the wedding reception and will add a beautiful focal point to the wedding reception.

Wedding Lighting, Gobo, The Prado at Balboa Park

Company gobo’s are used for corporate events. The company throwing the event usually wants to shine their company logo on a wall. We require artwork from the client which we send to our gobo designer for a proof. Once the proof is approved by the client the corporate gobo is made and shipped to us as a gobo disc. The disc we insert into a gobo projector which is placed in the ballroom to shine on the dance floor or a wall showcasing the company logo. The gobo can be white, or multi colored. Multi colored gobo’s need to be glass gobos which allow for more detail.  A big thank you to: The Prado at Balboa Park, and the Photographers that provided the images. True Photography and Paul Barnett Photography

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