Scripps Seaside Forum, Backdrop, Market Lights, Uplights, La Jolla Wedding

This beautiful wedding reception was held at Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla. San Diego Events Lighting Company provided the Backdrop, Market Lights, Uplights. Our Draping team setup the Ivory Backdrop which added beauty and elegance to the wedding reception, and covered the back wall and upstairs area. The material used for the backdrop was non wrinkle and hung beautifully. Our Lighting team also setup the LED Uplights which were a custom coral color, and placed them on the backdrop and strategically throughout the room. The Market Lights were placed outdoors and produced lighting and ambiance for the cocktail hour and when the sun went down. Our clients and guests were able to go outdoors to catch their breath after much dancing and festivities, and enjoy the beautiful southern California coastline. We love providing lighting and draping at Scripps Seaside Forum. The venue is a blank slate and allows us showcase all our different draping and lighting elements.

Backdrop-Market-Lights-UplightsThe Market Lights cast a soft romantic glow that created the ambiance that our client wanted. Scripps-Seaside-Forum-Market-Lights-La-Jolla

It was such a pleasure working with  Scripps Seaside Forum, and the First Comes Love team. Thanks so much to Sara France Photography for providing the beautiful pictures!


  1. What a beautiful wedding venue, and perfect lighting! The right amount and tone of lights can add a certain ambiance to an event that transforms a simple venue into a memorable experience. There’s quite a bit of strategy and planning that goes into appropriate lighting for indoors vs. outdoors. This event’s use of soft coral shades really are lovely. Thanks for sharing!

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