What is a Lighting Gobo?

A Gobo is a small disc the size of a silver dollar, it comes with a standard design, or a custom design. A Gobo is either made out of steel or out of glass. It’s inserted into a Lighting Fixture with a high powered lamp and is projected onto a wall, ballroom floor, or ceiling. A gobo can be used to highlight the name of a company, as an advertisement outside of a building, or to put in lights the theme of your Wedding Gobowedding.  It can be a monogram of your names,  or a symbol that you’ve printed on your wedding stationary. A good way to describe a Wedding Gobo is, it’s a steel or glass disc with your wedding logo cut into it, that will be strategically  projected onto an area like a large wall, or ballroom floor.Custom Wedding Gobo

San Diego Events Lighting will help you design, and order your Custom Gobo. We will provide a high quality gobo projection fixture, and stand. And on the day of your event we will have our lighting technician setup and adjust the fixture to give you a beautiful display that will wow you and your guests. Please contact  us at info@sandiegoeventslighting.com if you have any questions.