LED Uplighting with the Blizzard Puck

The Blizzard Puck is getting rave reviews by industry experts. It’s an LED uplighting fixture that packs a wallop, with 144 ultra-bright LED’s vs the 108 led’s on Chauvet or American DJ Par Cans. The Puck has an led control panel and power daisy chain connectors, these features make The Puck great for up lighting. The Puck is just 2.5 inches deep vs the foot or so deep for your average par 56 led  fixture. This feature allows you to pack 10 of them in the space of 3 regular par cans. There’s also a cutout on the bottom of the fixture allowing  for easy power chord and DMX cable routing.  The Blizzard Lighting engineers were definitely hearing the people out in the field, when they came up with The Puck. Visit our store for more details.

Brian Redd reviews the Blizzard Puck