Choosing Lighting Colors For Your Wedding Reception

There are so many variables involved in ensuring the lighting design for your event is  going to be a success. Today we’re going to cover how lighting colors affect the mood and look of your wedding reception.

Things to consider are the existing colors and textures of the the ballroom were your reception is going to be held. If the walls are in light colors then just about any color will work, but lets say that the walls have a wood effect. Using colors like blue or green do not blend well with wood.

Uplighting at The US Grant San Diego

Make sure that the colors you choose for your lighting are going to put your guests at ease and show them in the best light possible. Certain lighting colors will tend to give your guests a drawn out  appearance, and other colors will bring out the best in them.  Also lighting colors affect how your food looks. If the color is green then a green hue is going to be cast on your food. A beautifully cooked fillet won’t look so appetizing if it has a green hue to it.

If you want to have an elegant, and warm reception, then the warmer colors like an amber, gold or yellow are recommended. These colors are popular because they give the effect of candlelight, and they make guests  look and feel good. Your lighting designer will work with you to ensure that the colors you choose for your event are going to be perfect for you.